Apple MacBook (white 250HD, 8GB Memory, 13", 2.26 GHz 2 core) MacOS Sierra installed in Rochester, Northumberland for sale

Apple MacBook (white 250HD, 8GB Memory, 13

Apple 13 inch MacBook - 2.26 due core 2 - 8GB memory - 250 HD - Late 2009
The rubber as come adrift from the bottom but all working well it comes with original Mac OSX Snow Leopard disks. I reinstalled the original software then updated to the very latest version and it is running well. The latest version will be MacOS Sierra Apple says online that to run this the cut off will be for machines from 2010 but this is a late 2009 still on sale in 2010 so I upgraded to make sure it will run the very latest, to be released later this year. As you can see it is running the beta version of MacOS Sierra so when the full version is released it will just update. The price is low cash on pick up and it is Pick Up Only no deliveries. Call for any further info and first person with cash in hand will take it away..